Hard Work

It’s hard work being this AWESOME! I know we make it look easy. I’m sorry for that, I really am.

You might look at one of our CrossFit workouts on paper and think, “What’s the big deal?” 21-15-9 of that and that…pssshh….

I know you have a hard time reconciling the idea of a 4 minute workout being enough. It doesn’t jive with your- “I’ve gotta work off my Little Debbie snack cake and Cheetos from yesterday” mentality.

So when I tell you my workout took 4-6 minutes, you balk. You think it surely can’t be enough.

Trust me, it’s enough. Intensity changes the game, my friends. It turns the notion of “go long” cardio sessions on it’s head. You bring some intensity for 4-12 minutes in a smartly designed workout and you will suffer! The good news is it’s only 4-12 minutes!

The cool thing is that the pay-off of the short duration intensity is HUGE!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at track athletes. I’d say the sprinters (100-400M) look way more fit than the runners (5K-Marathon). That’s not to say one group is working harder than the other. It’s the stimulus that makes the difference in physique. Everyone has their own comfortable body style. To me being a stick isn’t exactly ideal.

So again, sorry for making it look easy. It’s not. But it’s good. There’s really nothing like it!