It All Starts With Elements

Chances are if you’re just looking into starting at CFW, you may be out of shape and/or have never touched a barbell before. Putting you in one of our regular classes right off the bat would be disastrous! You’d either get injured or quit or both. Not good.

Just because you have a driver’s license, it doesn’t mean they’re going to let you hop on a Nascar race track and run with the big boys (& girls).

Similarly, just because you have a body, it doesn’t mean you know how to move it well.

The Elements course at CFW covers the athletic movements you’ll need for one of our group classes. It serves many purposes.

  1. It gives you the basic mechanics of the major lifts- squat, press, deadlift, clean & jerk, and snatch. As well as other functional movements we use in CrossFit training.
  2. It provides you a chance to see our facility and get a feel for what it is we do.
  3. It allows us to look at your movement and assess how to best help you when you get into a group class.

Our number one goal at CFW is to help our athletes improve in areas of strength, cardio performance and general health. In doing so, we want our training to not only be effective but safe as well.

The Elements course helps prime athletes coming into CFW to have the knowledge and tools to be ready from the get-go. Without it our coaches would be spending precious time breaking down whole movements with newbies instead of leading the class and focusing on correcting form.

You can think of Elements like Driver’s Ed. We’re getting you ready for the road ahead. You might not be ready to race all out right away but with time and practice you’ll go farther and faster than you ever thought possible!

Ready to get started? Email- to save your spot at the next Elements!