Monday 7-23-12

So, I’ve got good news for some of you- NO RUNNING AT ALL THIS WEEK (except maybe Friday)…see, I’m not so bad!


DE Press 8×2 every 60s at 50% of 1RM

Rest 3 Minutes


KBS (53/35#)
Sit Ups

Rest 3 Minutes

150 Push Ups*

*Every time you stop and rest with your chest on the ground this constitutes a penalty. If a penalty is counted, you must immediately perform one stair climb. Once the penalty is completed continue with the push ups.

*You can rest in a pike position (the top of a push up) but once you can not do push ups any longer and need to rest on the ground, a penalty is counted and a stair climb must be completed.


Strength Under Pressure

DE Press 8×2 every 60s at 50% of 1RM

Hammer Gone Bad

Complete 3 rounds of the following of:

Sledge Hammer Strikes Right – 1 minute
Box Jumps 20″ – 1 minute
Sledge Hammer Strikes Left – 1 minute
Dumbbell Hang Clean (45/25#) – 1 minute

*Rest 1 minute between rounds
*Score total reps per round.