Monday 6-4-12

Can you guess which one is a "guy bar?"


We got a couple of new 15kg bars at CFW. The 15kg bars weigh 33#. Most of the time a girl uses one of these bars, so we tend to call them “girl bars.” That was until T infamously exclaimed, “Stop calling them girl bars and guy bars, they’re 30# and 45# bars!” Well, you know now that it’s actually a 33# bar. We tend to count them at 30# to make life easier. Don’t get hung up on the 3#. Just do your lifts and have some fun! The color coding will definitely help answer the question I hear repeatedly on weightlifting days- “Is this a 30# bar?” And no I didn’t mark the 15# bars. If you pick up a 15# bar and confuse it with a 30 or 45# bar, well then you might want to sign up for our strength class…

Today’s WOD:

Weighted Pull Up


If you cannot do a pull up, your WOD is:

3-3-3-3-3 of jump and hang from the bar


2-2-2-2-2-2 strict pull ups with a small band


Strength Under Pressure

15 Minutes to work up to a heavy Clean & Jerk


5 Tire Flips
10 DB Thrusters (30/15#)
15 Hand Release Push Ups

This WOD is not for time but once you start each round go through as quickly as possible. Rest as needed between rounds.