Tuesday 5-29-12

CF Open "Watching Party"

I love watching you guys and gals achieve more than you think is possible. The athletes (that’s all of you) at CFW inspire, motivate and drive my passion for fitness!


***CFW Announcements***

New 4 Weeks– This week starts our next 4 week round of programs at CFW (yes, I know it’s still the end of May- sometimes it just shakes out that way). If you pay for your dues by check or cash, please get your payment in ASAP. If you pay by credit card, it’ll still be charged on the 5th of June (as usual). If you’d like to have a card on file to pay your gym fees, let me know and I can set you up.

Strength Under Pressure– This class has passed it’s trial run and looks like it’s a keeper. We’re going to leave it in it’s 6:15pm spot and open it up to any athletes who would like to make some solid strength gains. The programming will be squat intensive and short, heavy met-cons (cardio). We can only add a limited number so let me know if you want in.

Off Week– The last week of June (25th-29th) is our scheduled quarterly off week. We typically have open gym that week but if all goes well the workout that week will be- “Move The Box” for time of course. More details soon.

H20– I posted a rather humorous rant about water a little while back and things got better for a bit. So maybe this time I’ll try the direct route- MARK YOUR WATER, DRINK YOUR WATER, TAKE YOUR WATER HOME IF YOU DON’T FINISH IT. Please! 🙂 I have mats to clean and stuff to do. I’m not your water bottle maid. You’re big boys and girls I trust you can handle it.

H2O (part 2)– We still have an open fridge policy on water at CFW. If you’re regularly grabbing a bottle to drink, please make sure you’re helping stock us back up by bringing a case or 2 every so often. This will be important as the weather gets hotter!

DRIVEN Boot Camp– this program starts next Monday! DETAILS HERE. Britt and Jason are going to be leading this camp to help people lose weight and get in shape. It’ll be perfect for anyone you know who may be intimidated by the barbell. Please let them know about it- grab a flyer from the box!

And now, the WODs:


15 Minutes to find heaviest Push Jerk (not necessarily a 1RM)

Rest 5 minutes then:


7 Pull Ups
14 Sit Ups
21 KBS (53/35#)


Strength Under Pressure

Deadlift 5RM


Complete 5 rounds:

You have 1 minute to complete the following:

5 KB Swings (70/53#)
1 40 yard Suicide Run*

Rest 60 seconds between rounds
If you do not make the 1 minute mark count a penalty. Each penalty is worth 20 burpees.

*To complete a 40 yard Suicide Run:

Start on the line.
Sprint out to the 10 yard line, touch the 10 yard line and sprint back to the starting line.
Turn and sprint to the 20 yard line, touch the 20 yard line and sprint back to the starting line.
Turn and sprint to the 30 yard line, touch the 30 yard line and sprint back to the starting line.
Turn and sprint to the 40 yard line, touch the 40 yard line and sprint through the starting line.