The Standard

Melissa & Bumble get chest to deck.


The standard is the mark, the goal, and the end point. It’s the “how to,” if you will. It’s in place for a reason. It’s there to make you better. Don’t look at it like a chore. Look at it as a destination you’re trying to reach. You want to get there.

The standard is many things. It’s based on what you’re trying to accomplish. It varies from movement to movement. Sometimes it’s chin over bar. Other times it’s chest to bar. Often it’s chest to deck or below parallel.

While the standard varies based on what you’re up to, it should NOT be shorted or changed in any way.

Like, for instance- nose to bar or almost all the way down. No, my friend, that does you no good. Keep training that way and you’ll only get better at doing things halfway.

“But the WOD is for time!,” you say. Yea, I know. I’m doing the same WOD. I’m meeting the required standards. I’m not trying to beat you at the moment, I’m trying to beat the previous me who was using the same standards. Only then can I track and measure progress. Only then can I compare workouts and hit PRs. It’s not apples to oranges. It’s not chin vs nose. It’s the same. Every. Single. Time.

So, would you like to improve at the Sport of Fitness? Yes? Then take my advice. That’s what you’re paying me for, right? Forget the stupid clock! Move your body up and down. Hit the right range. Forget your ego. And watch. Watch your performance skyrocket!

More isn’t better, guys! More halfway push ups aren’t going to get you there.

Better is better.

That’s what you signed up for, right?