SVEN III Revisited

I can’t thank you guys enough for making our 3rd annual SVEN Challenge a total BLAST! The day was made even more AWESOME by the crews from out of town- CF Royse City (The D-Terminators, Save a Core- Hug a Twinkie and Team Awesome & a Mohawk)and the team from Rockwall (Three’s Company)! Thank you guys for being a part of the madness!

Check out all the pics from the day by CLICKING HERE.

The air was full of electricity as we started the first heat of WOD 1:

AMRAP 15 Minutes-
Run 200M

How was the workout going to feel? How many times through 21-15-9 would the competitors get? Would this wreck people for the rest of the weekend?

The answers came quickly- The run became a jog. The D-Terminators finished two complete round of 21-15-9 and got 5 reps into the 3rd set of 15 deads by their first athlete. WOW! And finally, yes, the WOD changed the way people walked and sat for the next couple of days.

At this point, the top 4 teams- D-Terminators, Angels, Diablos and Three’s Company were separated by merely 8 reps.

We quickly moved into WOD 2 to see just how much pain the athletes could endure. This workout consisted of 3 stations:

AMRAP 90s (rest 90s)
Power Snatch (75/45#)
Sledgehammer Strike (10/6#)
Weighted Burpee (45/30#)

The athletes charged into this WOD like kids after an ice cream truck. It was all get up and get down. How many reps could you eek out in 90s? Everyone pushed it for one more and one more!

Teams really started separating themselves from the pack in this WOD. Three’s Company jumped to the front with Los Diablos on their heels only 6 reps behind. The D-Terminators, Angels and Team of Steel rounded out the top 5 respectively.

Then it was time to draw…movements that is. We went to the hopper (a fancy Spiderman lunch sack) to find the 4 movements for WOD 3. The plan was to do the movement that came out at 100 reps each as a team and work through all four. So maybe for example- 100 lunges, 100 push ups, 100 KBS, 100 burpees. Turns out that’s not what happened. The exceptions in the hopper were a couple of running movements that were put in at 30 and 15 reps. Luckily, we got both! Yeah Running! Here’s what came out:

AMRAP 10 Minutes:
30 Sprints (50yds)
100 Weighted Overhead Lunges (45/25#)
15 Medball Sprints (50yds)
100 DB Push Press (25/15#)

Only 3 teams got to the push presses in the 10 minute time limit- Three’s Company, Team POMP…You Up, & Los Diablos (of course).

In the end, Three’s Company led their next competitor by 30 reps to win the Sven Challenge 2012! Congrats guys!

Here are the full team standings:

Place Team Name Total Reps
1 Three’s Company 833
2 Los Diablos 803
3 The D-Terminators 778
4 The CrossFit Angels 764
5 Team of Steel 744
6 Team POMP…You Up 742
7 Two Gents & a Lady 715
8 Team Awesome & a Mohawk 700
9 Team Small Shirts 620
10 Team Bacon With Chicken 521
Not Rx’d Two Jerks & a Snatch 788
Save a Core, Hug a Twinkie 653
Team Griesinger 612