Sven 2012 WODs

The 3rd annual Sven Challenge is merely days away! It looks like we’ll have 12-15 teams of 3 battling to see who’s the best! Here are the first 2 workouts you’ll be facing this Saturday:

Dead Run – AMRAP 15 minutes


Deadlift (155/95#)

Run 200M

First team members will deadlift 21 reps at required weight then run 200M. Second team member can start their 21 reps once the 1st athlete is clear of the bar (so, yes, you can lift when they take off for the run). Once the 3rd team member finishes 21 deadlifts, the first member performs 15 deadlifts then runs again. Once everyone completes the round of 9 reps, the workout goes back to 21. Only deadlift reps will be scored for this workout.


Burp Strike Snatch – AMRAP 90s (each station)

Weighted Burpees (45/30#)

Sledgehammer Strikes (10/6#)

Power Snatch (75/45#)

Each person on the team will start at a different station and perform as many reps as possible in 90 seconds. There will be 90 seconds rest before the start of the next station. Teams that are coed will be responsible for loading or unloading 7 plates from the weight vest and preparing their athlete to be ready when the next round starts on the weighted burpees.


Detailed movements standards will be released for these workouts on Friday.

If you haven’t signed up yet, CLICK HERE and let us know you’re coming!