Monday 4-16-12

Tabata rowing is not for the faint of heart!


“The Gauntlet”

Perform one thruster every 45s while increasing weight until you are unable to make the lift.

Weight will range from 45 to 175# (in 10# increments).

The athlete must clean the bar from the ground and perform a front squat/ push press (ie thruster). A squat clean is permitted.


Once everyone is through the thruster gauntlet-


Lateral Hop Burpees (sideways jump over loaded barbell)

Rest 30s


SUP & CF regulars will perform same WODs today. 5:15ers feel free to come at 5:15…


Have you and your team signed up for the Sven Challenge? Help me out by letting me know you’ll be there. The earlier I have a headcount and team make up, the sooner I can get heats set up! Thanks!

PS- The first 2 Sven WODs will be posted on Wednesday!!

Check out what Ben from Two Jerks & a Snatch has to say about Sven: