You Never Know

Where will your new-found fitness take you? You just never know…

Maybe you’ll run a 5K, 10K or Half Marathon.

Maybe do one of those crazy Mud Runs.

Sign up for some challenge and go have fun! You’ve certainly earned it after all the training.

That’s what a few of us are doing this weekend! Five of us from CFW are running in the Texas Independence Relay. We’re joining 5 other runners/ non-runners and are about to run non-stop from Bastrop to Houston! As a part of Team We Mustache (we must dash) we will set out Saturday morning at 7:12 am and run a total of 201.92 miles by Sunday mid-day. You can follow along by “Liking” our Facebook page- Team We Mustache Updates

We’re quite a group! Some are seasoned runners. Some are former runners. And some run only when they have to in a WOD. Nevertheless, we’re going to give it our all and HAVE SOME FUN!!

I’d challenge you to do the same. Find an adventure and GO DO IT!! Recruit some friends and test out your fitness together.

What’s coming up?

Sven Challenge- April 21st (3 man/woman/coed teams)

Hero Rush- June 16th. Check out the details HERE.

All In!