Monday 3-19-12

Bench Press 1 RM

Take 15 Minutes to find 1 rep max on bench press


Tabata Push Ups

Rest 1 Minute

Tabata Plank

(8 rounds of each)


Welcome to the CFW squared circle. There can be only one victor!


Dodge Ball

We’ll use the remainder of the time today playing dodge ball. Here are the rules:

Each team will start behind their end line. Upon 3,2,1, GO- the players will run to the center line to retrieve balls. Then the melee will start!

If you get hit by an opponent’s ball, you’re out. Unless-

1) You catch it, in which case the person who threw the ball is out.

2) You deflect the ball thrown by your opponent with one in your hands.

If you leave the field of play trying to escape being hit by a ball, you’re out. You may only leave the field to retrieve a ball and in that case only through your end line (not the side).

Under no circumstance will a player that has been put out of the game rejoin.

Eliminated players may help their remaining team members by retrieving balls that are outside of play. They may NOT enter the field of play or cross to the opponents side of the “out of bounds” field.

There will be a 3 minute time limit on each game. The teams with the most players remaining at 3 minutes will be declared the winners.

We’ll keep switching players around and play AMGAP (as many games as possible).