Best Of Both Worlds

My sweetie and I at the Inagural PF Chang's Rock N Roll Marathon in AZ. Jan 2004


Today is the last day of our Wednesday night Running Group at CFW. We started this group to train athletes for an upcoming 200 mile relay- Texas Independence Relay. It was a blast from the beginning- remember the sprint/recover x10? Well…I had a lot of fun with it!

The cool thing about it was that we joined forces with the Waxahachie Running Club and ran. We did push ups and we ran. We pushed a prowler and we ran. From the feedback I got last week, both groups, CrossFitters and Runners, enjoyed and benefited from this group run.

The extra day of monostructural training helped our CFers gain some cardio-respiratory endurance. The change of pace in adding sprints and some bodyweight movements like push ups, air squats and sit ups, has helped the “pure” runners gain some cross-training benefits. I’d say that’s pretty cool! I’d love to hear your comments on how the group running impacted you.

I know some of you are sad to see this group end. Well, I kinda am too! We’ll take a short break and let you know when things start up again.

Viva La Run Group!

PS. If you’re looking for a change of pace, our group training is quite the ticket! We’re starting a new class called Strength Under Pressure that will improve overall strength without taking away from your distance training. Stronger legs = the hills get easier!