Monday 1-30-12

Squat 3×5 (add 10# to previous)


Prowler Flu

Max Distance in 20 seconds (M-45#/ W-prowler only)

Rest 1-2 minutes between efforts.

How many should you do? Aim for 8-12.

1-5 = mild flu-like symptoms

5-10 = chills & body aches likely

10-15 = nausea & vomiting possible


***Row Update***

We only have 19,409 meters to go in our effort to get to 201.2 miles for January! Awesome job guys! We can knock this out tomorrow easily!

If you didn’t get the significance of the “201.2” just take out the decimal. That’s right! We were celebrating the new year with this effort. Now you know- And knowing is half the battle!

Clara decided to help you guys out while I vacuumed today.