Is It A Cult?

You know us.

All we do is talk about PRs (personal records) and how we’ve finally mastered a skill like double unders, push jerks, or muscle ups.

We get excited when we shave a few seconds off of our Fran or Helen time.

Don't get caught without your regulation uniform.

We wear tall socks or leg warmers. We wear tight shirts (when we have them on) and minimalistic shoes.

We have our own lingo- WOD, AMRAP, RFT, Rx’d, SDHP.

We eat different- meat, fruits & veggies, nuts & seeds, little starch (post WOD), no sugar. {GASP}

We like to take pictures of ourselves and others working out and post them all over Facebook.

You might look at all of this and think, “Man you guys ARE weird!” That’s fine. I don’t expect you to “get it” by looking at it from the outside. It doesn’t make sense that way. Most of the things I listed above are very foreign to you, so of course it looks intimidating. But you know what else we do that you might relate to?

We support and encourage one another.

We hold each other accountable.

We make those around us better as we try to better ourselves.

We laugh, cry, high-five, yell, cheer, hug, and dance (some more than others).

I’ve seen so much good come out of this little garage gym. Is it a cult, yea, probably so. But it’s a good cult.

Why don’t you join us?