Go Get It

It’s not going to come to you while you’re sitting on the couch. You actually have to pry yourself out of that comfy, cozy tush spot that’s been well worn into the leather.

Don’t just wish for it. Make it happen!

Don’t expect it to be handed to you. Take it!

Don’t sit back. Move ahead!

You may not realize this, but you’re in charge of your body. 100%. You decide what kind of fuel it runs on, what it does during the night and day, and how it looks.

You can’t blame anyone or anything else for your current state. Don’t give me the genetics-willpower-busy-hormonal stuff.

The body you want is in there. Naturally. GO GET IT!

Greg pushes it with a smile! (at least I think that's a smile) Glad to have you back, Bud!