Thursday 12-8-11

Tabata This Stuff

Sit Ups
Sandbag Slams (50/25#)
Pull Ups
KBS (35/20#)

Perform 20s on followed by 10s off for 8 rounds of each movement. Rest 1 min between each station. Lowest number of reps at each station is your score.


It'll look like this except with a white zipper. Cool, no?

CFW Hoodie? Yes, please!

There is a new sign up sheet at the box for the CFW Hoodies. Make sure you’re on it if you want one. Also make sure the size is correct (there is a sample Medium available). I’m going to finalize everything by next Tuesday and order them on Wednesday. Get on the list and get me your $40 ASAP! Thanks! They’re going to be sch-weet!!