Merry Christmas!

Santa loves us!


Wow! I love the holidays! I’m really thankful for all of you guys. You have given so much to me and CFW over the last year (and especially the last month). THANK YOU!

Britt let Josh put together the last 2%.

Thank you for helping out while my wife has been in the hospital. Thank you for being flexible in class hours. Thank you to the coaches who have stepped up. Thank you for the rower and money you gave to the box. Thank you for the new camera I’m going to purchase with that money (so T will stop griping). Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

The quality of people that come in the doors of CFW is unmatched! You are above and beyond what I expected in starting a Community of Fitness.

Thank you for making CFW more than a gym and more like a family.

Where it’s not just a place of machines and weights to lift. It’s a place of excellence. A place where you care about each other. A place to be supported as you reach new and higher goals. Day after day. Week after week.

As Laura continues to heal and get stronger we’ve still got some challenges ahead. But I know that we will make it through with people like you in our corner.

One last time- THANK YOU!

I’d like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Blessings of health to you and yours!

Love you guys,


Thanks for making the CFW party a BLAST!

Where else would you get the GIFT of BACON?

Or chocolate milk and athletic tape?

Or handstand on a table?

All after a great TEAM WOD!!

That’s just how we ROW!!!