Yea, I might have some explaining to do (especially to my lovely wife- sorry dear). You see, I’ve loved (& hated) many, many girls in the last few years. Oh, It’s not what you think. The girls I’m referring to are workouts or WODs (workouts of the day).

In CrossFit, aka the Sport of Fitness, there are several named workouts. Some are guys and gals who are true heroes- the Hero WODs are named to honor fallen men and women in the line of duty. You can read some of my thoughts on Hero WODs HERE & HERE.

Other WODs have girl names. I’ve heard a couple of explanations on why they’re named after females and my favorite is- anything that can come in and leave that much destruction in such a short period of time (ie. like a hurricane) must be a woman (again, I’m sorry sweetie).

The “girl” WODs are devastating. They can crush you. I love it! Many of you guys feel the same way. So why don’t we do them more often?

Because these types of WODs are test or benchmarks. They tell you where you’re at, how far you’ve come and what skills you still need to develop. When you were in school, you didn’t spend 90% of your class time taking tests, did you? No, you learned and prepared yourself. You got stronger at the subject matter at hand. Same here.

We’re students of squatting, deadlifting, work capacity, pressing, kettlebelling, etc.

When the test comes, we’re sure to be ready!