I love CrossFit Waxahachie! I love everything about it! You know what the best part of CFW is? You. You guys are what CFW is all about. You might say, “Well, duh… if noone was there, you wouldn’t have anyone to coach.” But it’s more than that. It’s more than just coaching you guys through exercise classes. More than burpees. More than clean and jerks. CFW is a community. I’ve made so many friends over the last few of years. You guys have enriched my life and I hope I have made an impact on yours.

From the beginning, I envisioned CFW/BFC as a great community. One that not only impacted the fitness of it’s members but the health and wellness of the surrounding community as well. You guys are all that and more!

Whether it’s a local endeavor like our Run For Hope we did last year or a national campaign like Fight Gone Bad this year, you guys have given time, money and effort to great causes. Very cool!

Recently, you guys gave more than that to help someone in our community. Someone that certainly is close to home for me- my wife, Laura. Many of you came to the fundraiser/blood drive at Chick-Fil-A last Saturday to donate. We can’t thank you enough! Your support means so much to us!

So in the spirit of this Thanksgiving season, I’d like to say- Thank You. Not for working out at CFW and giving me a job (although I am thankful for that). But for being the type of people who by their actions make a difference in the world. I know it’s made a difference in my family. Thank You.