What I’ve Learned So Far

Now that I’ve been CrossFitting for just over 4 years, I feel like I’m finally decent at it. At many points in my journey, I’ve been humbled greatly. But overall the experience has been exciting, exhilarating and flat-out F-U-N. From the early days of looking like a maniac at the Lord’s Gym to now owning my own affiliate, it’s been quit a ride!

The rower is not my friend.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. If it looks easy on paper or on the computer screen, I’m in trouble.

2. Don’t puke in the chalk bucket.

3. Don’t chalk in the puke bucket.

4. Don’t quit.

5. Take a good breath before the start of a metcon, it may be the last one you get for a while.

6. I may “live to WOD,” but the WOD is not my life.

7. In order to succeed, I must fail from time to time.

8. I hate the rower. I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

9. Tall socks make any workout better, especially running.

10. As with just about any endeavor, I will get out of it what I put in. With that in mind, I’ve learned to GO ALL IN!

That’s my list. I’m sure CF will teach me many more things as I continue.

I’d love to hear what you’ve learned from CF? Post your answers in the comments.



3 Comments On “What I’ve Learned So Far”

  1. What I have learned from Crossfit:

    1) The people in my head yell at me louder to “STOP!!!!” when my body hurts. (I have learned how to quiet them)

    2) I can spend hours on the computer watching crossfit videos.

    3) First thing I do in the morning is assess what is sore and it makes me smile every day.

    4) Ice baths don’t suck too bad

    5) I am strong

    6) I am loved

  2. 1) I’ve learned to re’define “Fail”- It’s now a step towards growth.

    2) Attaching Rubber bands to your body can lead to near death experiences.

    3) Wear Shoes. Kettlebells aren’t weightless.

    4) Half an inch can look like a mountain… When added to a box.

    5) God created everything. Except Burpees.

    6) Nervous Pee’s are inevidible- accept it.

    7) On that note… Don’t drink water before doing doubleunders.

    8) I’ve learned that REST doesn’t = Laziness.

    9) Dont. I Repeat: DON’T. Lick your hand after it’s touched the bottom of your shoe for traction… Even if that’s the only way the prowler will budge.

  3. 1. “You will have good days and bad days.” -Chris Biles

    2. If its sore right after the WOD thats ok cause it is going to hurt a lot more two days later.

    3. Watch your fingers when doing squats in the gorilla rack.

    4. Being strong doesn’t mean you are in good shape.

    5. Eating right is the most important part of being healthy.(and the hardest)

    6. Fancy equipment doesn’t mean better workouts.

    7. Some of the hardest workouts don’t involve weights.

    8. Overhead squat sucks.

    9. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work as hard.” -Tim Tebow

    10. The intensity and comradery of the people at CFW make even the hard workouts fun.

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