Monday 8-8-11

Say hello to Victor.

Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3

We’ll spend some time prepping for a good, heavy OHS effort. If you came to Sarah’s yoga class on Saturday, you might be bendy enough to do well. If not…


One of the things I love about CFW is our closeness and inclusiveness. We’ve formed some tight-knit bonds in our classes but at the same time, welcome new people in very easily. Most of the time, when new members come in I feel like I’ve known them for years. I think it’s because a lot of you guys are all the same- genuine, caring, hard-working, dedicated- it’s pretty amazing! Just the other day Dave and Patricia were joking that I must interview new people before I let them into the gym. You just don’t see quality people like the ones at our gym every day. I’m honored to coach you guys and love every minute of being at CFW!

Thank you for making CFW what it is today!



A team from CFW is THROWING DOWN this weekend in Dallas! Come support us on Saturday as we compete in the Life As Rx Competition! It’s a part of the Europa Fitness Show. Should prove to be a good time for sure!

A few new classes will begin soon at CFW! Check them out and try to decide which one(s) you would like to join. Let me know ASAP because there are cutoffs one number of participants (especially Starting Strength).

Starting Strength starts August 17th.

Kettlebell Class starts August 17th.

Running 101 starts September 3rd.

Get signed up today- 214-244-3275 or

Be sure and tell your friends about these classes!



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  1. I love our family!

  2. **sniffle** I love you too CFW!

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