Monday 8-29-11

5 RNFT (Rounds Not For Time)
15 Back Squats
5 Box Jumps

Men use bodyweight for squats. Ladies use 65% bodyweight. Highest box jump you can manage.


I’m currently reading Arthur DeVany’s book, The New Evolution Diet. I just picked it up on Saturday and I can’t put it down. In the past, I’ve had problems relating to the whole “evolutionary diet” thing because as a Christian, I don’t believe in evolution. But here’s my thinking on it now. It really doesn’t matter. I’m going to eat this way because it fuels my body to be as healthy as possible. Eliminating problematic foods like grains, dairy and legumes for me isn’t about how my supposed ancestors from 40,000 years ago ate. It’s about how I feel, look and perform when I cut them out. And to tell you the truth, I feel fantastic when I eat this way! I’m working on a series to document how this Real Food eating can change body composition with myself as the test subject. Stay tuned and happy eating!



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  1. Is RNFT the same as RFF (Rounds for Fun)?

  2. Yes.

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