Get To Done

This is what DONE looks like.

A lot of people bring baggage to the gym. An extra bit of weight from the day. It hangs over them like a shroud. On the really bad days it might keep them from even showing up. The disappointment from that alone is another extra weight they add to the mix.

Can I share something with you?

I don’t always “feel it.” I’m not always super-stoked about my workout- at least before I get there.

If it’s been one of those days, the warm up almost always brings me out of my funk and primes me to work. If the warm up fails to juice me up, then the WOD often gets me going for sure. But in the rare case that I don’t have it together as I go through the WOD, getting DONE never fails to give me satisfaction.

Whether I’ve set a PR (personal record) or I just hung on till the end, DONE is always there for me.

So bring what you got today. We’ll lift you up. And together we’ll 3, 2, 1…

Get To DONE!






2 Comments On “Get To Done”

  1. I needed to hear this one today, Coach! Thanks!

  2. You’re welcome, friend! Glad to see you back where you belong- the 5:15 Freak Show.

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