Do You?

Style. We gots it!

Do you like to work hard?

Do you need a push?

Do you like crazy socks?

Well, CrossFit Waxahachie is right for you!

At CFW stellar fitness is attainable for everyone. You push your limits. You work to hone your skills, technique, flexibility, etc. And our coaches work to ensure you do it properly, effectively and safely.

A lot of people see the crazy vids of CrossFit training and miss the point that CF is for them. The amount of weight, intensity, and drive is all scalable (you can move it up or down) based on ability. If you got it- GO! If you don’t- give what you got and it will get BETTER!

That’s how fitness works. We don’t get fit by doing the same movements over and over. We get fit when we’re testing the limits of our own strength, comfort, stamina, and mental faculties. No autopilot. No disconnect. FOCUS. ATTENTION. AWARENESS.

Do you want to change your life?

If so, we’re HERE.


New classes starting next week. Perfect for new members to check out CFW for only a 6 week commitment!
Starting Strength