What’s SVEN all about?

A brief history of Sven:

This workout/ competition came about after a beast of a workout that I shared with my friend, Tractor (the athlete formerly know as David Griesinger). I don’t really remember much about the initial workout- just that it was 7 rounds of 7 exercises to be performed in an alternating fashion (work while your partner was resting). I do know that we almost quit several times. Each time one of us wanted to throw in the towel, the other objected. Just over an hour after we started, it was finally over! As we lay on our backs at Chapman Park, Tractor declared, “That WOD needs a name. Something beastly!” We decided on Sven. We then decided that all of our friends would like to suffer through something like that. -I’m guessing we we delirious at that point- And the Sven Challenge was born!

Our first challenge was held on the first Saturday in May of last year. It was GREAT! In teams of two we blasted through the WOD and had an awesome cookout! It was a fun time for sure!

This year will be even more EPIC! We’ve got a real competition going down! Teams of 3 will compete for bragging rights at CFW! BIGGER, BADDER, BETTER! That’s how we roll!

Do you have what it takes? (The answer is YES!)

Then sign up your team today!