Last year we had our inaugural SVEN CHALLENGE and it was a blast! Teams of two lined up for a fun workout of weighted tire pulls, box jumps, ball slams and more! You can check out the pics HERE. In true CFW/BFC fashion the motto for this year’s Sven is-

Last Year Was The Easy Year!

Here’s the scoop so far:

Date- April 30th
Time- Event starts at 8am
Teams- You’ll need a team of 3 to participate.

Get your team ready and make plans to join us on April 30th to have some fun! More details will be heading your way shortly! Stay tuned…



2 Comments On “SVEN is COMING!”

  1. I have new, heavier, bigger tires. will they make it into the fray called Sven????

  2. No big tires. A total revamp of the Sven WODs (Yes- plural). It’s gonna ROCK!

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