Thursday 3-3-11

Congrats to the Cowtown Crew!

Fast Fran


Pull ups

Prescribed weight for Thrusters is 95/65#. However, I’m going to help you guys scale the weight/movement to be done in 5 min or less.




5 Comments On “Thursday 3-3-11”

  1. Hey Fran. How you doin?!?!

  2. Good, Dave. How are you, Sweetcakes?

    • (Hey guys, did you hear? Fran talked to me!)

    • where is your profile picture Fran. I’d like to get a look at your good side. I’ve seen you be bad……………. Oh, yea. I’ve seen you be bad!

  3. Fran, we are not friends. However, Since I haven’t seen you in a while, I hope we can be on good terms for tonight. If all goes well, maybe we can be nice to each other in the future.

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