It’s OK

Your lungs are on fire, legs are like lead and it feels like you’re moving through quicksand. It’s OK. You’re just at another CFW Tuesday WOD. You’re used to feeling like that.

At some point in your CrossFit journey, you begin to Embrace The Suck. No, you don’t enjoy it. The work is as hard as it’s always been. But you embrace it, nonetheless. You know the benefits outweigh the temporary pain.

This getting better at being comfortable getting uncomfortable, can serve you not only in your workouts but can translate easily into daily life. It can help you be more productive. To go the extra mile.

Embrace The Suck.



2 Comments On “It’s OK”

  1. I, David Griesinger AKA Tractor, hereby and forever, being of sound mind and body, do willingly EMBRACE THE SUCK.

    Tractor out!

  2. I embrace the suck, in life in xfit in me! It is ok. Always is. Thx Coach!!!

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