“Family… a group experience of love and support.”

If you’re already a member of the CFW/BFC family, you know this definition to be completely true. We are without a doubt quite a group. We come together several times a week from different places – different jobs, different experiences, different addresses, different abilities. We come to share a common experience; common only in the sense that we all participate – there is nothing common, as in average, about the work we do!

Going hard at the Box.

CrossFit is magical in its ability to unite its participants. While there is without a doubt a level of competition within the workouts, there is also an indomitable spirit of camaraderie. Whether you are able to complete Fran in 3 minutes as prescribed, or struggle to get through a scaled version in under 10 minutes, there is a level of respect that is yours simply because you had the courage to take on the fight. And putting your name and stats for a workout on the board connects you to the folks who struggled with that same WOD earlier or later in the day than you. We’re connected whether or not our paths ever cross during the week. Magic. 🙂

If you’re not a member of the CFW/BFC family, you should know this – there is room for you and you are welcome. You will find a place of encouragement and support – and plenty of hard work – to help you become a better version of who you are. Who doesn’t want some of that?

About The Author

Jeanye “Mad Dog” Mercer is a school counselor by day, a CrossFit Waxahachie athlete by night and constantly a Food Nazi. Her favorite lifts are squats, deadlifts and anything heavy. She doesn’t like to be told to stop. Her favorite coach at CFW is Chris (don’t believe me?- click here). You can check out more of her insights at- Jeanye Said So



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  1. It’s a Band of Brothers and Sisters. Nobody messes with a CFW peep but me!

    Tractor out!

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